Foton Energia. Knowledge, experience and trust.

Foton Energia company was built on three main pillars: knowledge, experience and trust. Our long-term presence in in the energy and infrastructure sectors results in an extensive knowledge and understanding of the market insights from which your company can benefit as of today.


Foton Energia company provides high quality services in the sectors of energy and infrastructure. Our offer is dedicated to the big entities/utilities as well as small and medium companies. Our offer is dedicated to Polish and international companies.



Our experts are widely experienced in the fields of: energy, infrastructure, consulting, law, finance, accounting, economy, construction, research and development. We offer our cooperation in Polish, English, German and Chinese languages.


Our comprehensive consulting services are available in Poland, other Central-East Europe (CEE) countries and Asia. We established cooperation and we work with many reputable companies.

Foton Energia is providing strategic and operational solutions. We create long term business strategies and deliver the exclusive projects and acquisition opportunities. 

We work with: transmission system operator (TSO), distribution system operator (DSO), power plants, EPC contractors, designers, manufacturers and equipment suppliers, subcontractors, sellers of electricity, power exchange and consumers.

Foton Energia knows the numbers and key players of the market and the direction that emerging economies are moving in order to meet the challenges connected with growing demand for energy, pollution and new technologies.


Business consulting

Business development

Local representation

Business plan and strategy development

Company and project management

Public relations

Business intelligence

Client relationship management

Branch events organization

Media monitoring

Legal consulting

Public procurement

Commercial companies law

Monitoring and analysis of legislative acts

Legal and accounting services management

Transactions and takeovers

Market research

Business possibilities research

Due diligence

Capital transactions


Special purpose entities

Why choose us?

We have a wide experience

Our company is providing services in: power industry (development, modernization, investment), renewable energy (wind, PV), transmission and distribution (power lines and substations), infrastructure (road, railway) and energy effectiveness.

Passion for work

Experience, knowledge and trust are our fundamental values but something that is taking our company ahead of competitors is our passion for work. We have a passion for constant learning and development in the energy and infrastructure.  

International perspective  

We live in a globalized world were the only way to stay up to date with all the challenges, opportunities, tools and resources you need to have a very wide international perspective. We have been involved in projects across Europe, Asia and Africa working with other international companies.

We deliver the targets

In the power industry, renewable energy, transmission and distribution, infrastructure and energy effectiveness you need to have a strong team and stay focused. We work project focused but with a long term vision. That’s the key to meeting the targets and success. 

Creating business

Foton Energia not only participates in the market of energy and infrastructure – we create business opportunities and we develop them. We minimize the risk and optimize the process of running the successful projects.

Exclusive network

Wide range of network allows us to stay ahead of competitors. In all our activities a key element are always people we work with. For many years of development and market presence in energy and infrastructure we have built an exclusive network in Poland, CEE and Asia. Your welcome to join us.